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Exceed expectations

The invitation to “Private Dining”; means more than just a meal together. The preparation is therefore about more than just cooking. The evening is your business card, your gift, your emotional photo in the memory album of your guests. For many people this sounds like pressure and stress…

Our aim is to provide you with optimal support from preparation to implementation to reworking. You have an expectation – and we want to exceed it. Together with you we want to awaken the joy of the guests and the evening and keep it warm. We take care of everything else: the optimal choice of food and menu sequence, corresponding drinks, harmonious decoration, full service and, of course, one or two original surprises for an all-round successful evening.


For an all-round successful evening, all parts must be right: product selection, preparation, decoration, service, etc. However, the special only arises from this when all parts are combined through creativity and passion to create a harmonious overall experience.

Through exclusive product selection and the way they are prepared, our kitchen team brings out the best in every component of their compositions. The chef personally tastes all the seasoning mixtures, fish fillets are not portioned with a laser but cut with a knife and every meal is prepared and rounded off with (Italian) charm, passion and star-studded refinement.

Kitchen, service and logistics are coordinated by your personal contact at KREATIV. You have one contact person for all your wishes – and everything that is possible will be implemented.


Aesthetics, the standard for all caterers



5-course menu

Amuse Bouche

Goat cheese praline with pickled wild fig

1. Course – starter

Lukewarm mushroom salad with cranberries and grilled quail breast

2. Course – soup

Cream of parsnip soup with monkfish ceviche and butter brioche

3. Course – Intermediate course

Baked potato with a difference, truffled mashed potatoes in baked pastry blossom with truffle remoulade

4. Course – Main course

24 hours cooked ox cheek with porcini mushrooms and Jerusalem artichokes

5. Course – Dessert

Apple Selection, Mini Strudel with Poppy Seed Sour Cream, Panna Cotta on Salpicon and Iced Chocolate on Poached Calvados Cream



Mediterranean buffet

Large selection of starters from the tin cassette and arranged on elegant porcelain plates and slates

Green and black olives, caper apples, paprika fillets, rocket, parmesan, dried tomatoes, wafer-thin air-dried ham, Grana Padano, fresh basil

Salve butter and salt butter with Tuscan bread selection

Antipasti skewers in a different way: Grilled vegetable skewers on UFO from the giant wheat loaf with strong olive oil and sea salt as well as balsamic

Cosa nostra: Polpettine in vegetable caponata and pecorino

Blasted salmon: lemon-salmon rillette with sprouts


Main courses

Served live from the pan

Rinkled potatoes with rosemary, marinated young pig and mint zucchini


Pasta on demand

Extensive selection of pasta varieties and ingredients can be selected and put together, our pastaioli prepare your dish live according to your wishes

Pasta varieties from the pan as well as from the Parmesan loaf

Penne Rigate, Linguine, Rigatoni and Orechiette

A rich selection of fresh vegetables, selection from the herb garden, beef strips, chicken breast and Italian sauce classics, such as tomato sauce, pesto selection and lemon cream

Chicken breast “Marengo” with olives and tomatoes in spicy white wine sauce with young vegetables



Zuppa Inglese: Vanilla cream with soaked vanilla cake

Almond cream with fruits in the glass


It doesn’t have to be a castle, but it can be… for example the Electoral Palace of Mainz! We have already been able to accompany numerous celebrations in the rooms of the sublime Renaissance building.

In order to do justice to the venerable building and our demands, it requires the right table decoration, a perfect staging and a completely thought-out and thoroughly composed overall concept.

Elegance, shine and refinement on all levels, a conscious clarity with playful moments and a dash of original creativity make your celebration an unforgettable, sensual and enjoyable celebration!


We make your day unforgettable


The day when two people say “yes” to each other is a very special, significant, highly emotional, as it were public and also extremely private event! In order to celebrate this day and make it unforgettable, we would like to accompany you.

The wedding is a moment that moves deeply and – at best – touches all the senses. The splendour, the dresses, the music, the touches – there is sensuality and beauty everywhere on this day. The same should of course also apply to the food and beverage selection: decoration, presentation, fragrance and taste must seduce the senses and touch the soul.

KREATIV Catering & Events underlines your very special and very personal day with the finest food and drinks, exceptional locations and a friendly team. Our food concepts, their presentation and our employees are what sets us apart from many other small things. Our all-round happiness package is always the right choice for the”most beautiful day of your life. . .”

Photo: www.kajul-photography.de


Marriage is the beginning and summit of all culture, because it brings so much happiness…

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Whether in the garden, in the club or at home, in a romantic apple grove, a magnificent vineyard or an elegant castle – we turn your personal dream location into an extraordinary event and party location.

We think of everything, take care of everything and build everything up and down again: from decoration and DJ, to food and snacks, to cocktails, drinks and entertainment – the all-round carefree package from KREATIV for your perfect party!


Accompanying your dinner from A to Z

Of course, we are happy to offer you every desired individual service for your private dinner – but at your request we are also happy to offer you a full service to take care of you from A to Z.

Selection of the location

If not available yet, we will be happy to find the right place for your event. If you have already chosen your location, we will be happy to visit it together with you and coordinate our common concept accordingly.



A work of art – no matter how small – cannot do without conception. We support you in finding ideas and jointly designing your evening synthesis of the arts

Invitation management

Designing and assembling invitations, keeping and checking invitation lists, contacting and informing guests – we will also be happy to take care of this for you if necessary.


Food and drink

Selection, sequence, quality and preparation of food and beverages are the be-all and end-all of your evening. We advise you, invite you to a joint rehearsal dinner, listen to your wishes and provide creative culinary delights as well as a corresponding selection of beverages. We are also happy to create your individual cake for the culinary finale with you.



Whether candlelight or pop art, whether classic or modern, whether luxury or country house – we provide the right decoration, always with attention to detail and a view of the overall picture.



Our team makes sure that you can fully concentrate on your guests, both dynamically and discreetly.


The special

Can it be a DJ? Would you rather have the music live than from CD? How about a live artist on site? Or simply a soft fog, a spectacular ice sculpture, special light illuminations? Should a photographer accompany the evening. . . ? We have the ideas, the contacts and the know-how to offer you something special.



Of course, we bring glasses, crockery, equipment and furniture to the place you call us – of course, everything suitable for food, drinks and concept – and in the end we make sure that everything is cleaned up quickly and inconspicuously.


A small selection

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