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Accompanying customers from the idea to the event… For us, this means thinking about everything, planning everything optimally, preparing everything perfectly and still being primed for everything. Above all, however, it means helping customers to develop an idea and a concept from the idea.

If the idea is called “Orient”; then an Orient Express is created with us, which takes the guests to a souq, an Arab market, where colorful colors shine, oriental spices smell, Arab jugglers cause amazement and various pleasures seduce the senses. If your topic is “water”, then you will learn which pleasures can be hidden in transparent liquids, which forms and colours water can take on in the various states of matter, and how a daring wishful thinking creates a wondrous world of water for all the senses.

Our concepts are just as individual as our support. Every customer has their own point of contact – right from the start and, of course, also on site. Our event managers accompany you from the first request, through concept creation and calculation to implementation. They accompany you in the selection of food, drinks, decoration, music or even artists. They provide dynamic, friendly and competent staff – and together we make sure that your event is a unique experience.

Every idea appears as an foreign guest, and as it begins to be realized, it can hardly be distinguished from fantasy and folly.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Aesthetics, the scale of caterers


Chef Vincenzo Neri and his team are responsible for our culinary creations. Through an exclusive and harmonious product selection, an almost romantic way of preparation and not least through passionate and honest cooking, the team elicits the best from every component of its compositions.

What is important to us: we want to keep our kitchen honest. That’s why, wherever possible, we rely on regional and seasonal products, fresh from the field to the kitchen and from there to the plates of our guests – without unnecessary paths, without tricks and without compromises. Honest food for every occasion: whether “like at mum’s” or as in a gourmet temple.

Our “live cooking” concepts make it possible to experience our way of cooking. For example, with a ravioli station, where our cook turns the homemade pasta dough live through the noodle machine, while fresh beef fillets sizzle on a special stove with edge extraction (prevents too strong a spread of odor). In addition, the salad bar offers colorful variations in cocktail glasses – with freshly mixed (and non-alcoholic) caipirinha, pina colada, swimming pool or bloody Mary dressings directly from the shaker. All fresh and prepared in front of the guests.

If I manage to embarrass the guest and host only because they don’t know what to try first, then I have achieved my goal as a chef.

Vincenzo Neri


A treat for the eyes… and the ambience creates appetite! We know this and take care of it, so that not only on the plates, but also everything around is right and your event becomes a real experience.

Experience honest, unadulterated food… Our nature-oriented experience buffets are served on high-quality acacia wooden tables! Between rustic baked goods, imaginatively arranged canapés or classic bruschetta, there are numerous delicacies made from purely natural ingredients. All lovingly decorated with natural materials and food. Just looking at it becomes a pleasure – and grasping it becomes real bliss.

“My name is Bond”… – If you want to feast in the “Secret Service of Her Majesty”, you need in the best case noble Beluga caviar on ice, smoked salmon, lamb chops with fresh apples or Eggs Bénédictine as well as Crépes Suzette on Tahiti vanilla ice cream at the end… aristocratic decorations, noble service and a highly elegant atmosphere – often supported by roulette or baccarat tables. In addition, champagne and Bordeaux are served in style and of course there is the Martini shaken, not stirred!

Every year… we offer delicacies from flamboyant salmon to flamboyant cakes to winter pizzettes during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Of course, the traditional mulled wine must not be missing – or even a Swedish Äppelglögg. The whole gets a special atmosphere when food and drinks are presented in nostalgic market stalls – of course made entirely of wood and decorated by the KREATIV team for Christmas.

The food should please the eye first and then the stomach.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


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