Fair again!

IAA Mobility in Munich

Poke salad with vegetables , salmon. avocado in a jar.Healthy food

“Fair again!” is the headline above the first major trade fair assignment by Kreativ Catering after the long break since April 2020. The IAA in Munich in September 2021 was therefore something very special. It has shown that trade fairs can also work wonderfully under Corona conditions. Kreativ Catering looked after the largest suppliers in the automotive industry and set the tone with menus, snacks and crew lunches. The guests did not have to do without anything at the exhibition stands. The people of Kelkheim put their dishes in the limelight, lovingly packaged. The topic of sustainability played a major role for customers this year. Regional suppliers in Munich, close production facilities and short distances were Kreativ Catering’s answer to this task.

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