Successful Klassik Tour in Kronberg

The Classic Tour took place in Kronberg from September 7th to 9th, 2023. Over three days, more than 150 car enthusiasts drove their classic cars in a rally through the Rhine Main area. The tour was accompanied by culinary delights from, among others, Kreativ Catering, premium partner of the Klassik Garage and the event location “Vintage Loft” located there. The rally was a complete success for the team led by Klaus Flettner, owner of the Klassik Garage and organizer of the event. The next date has already been set: August 29th to 31st, 2024 again in the Klassik Garage in Kronberg and of course again with Creative Catering. Impressions

Location with changeable charm

The example of a series of events for a large automotive group in the Vintage Loft showed how changeable a location can be: three days, three set-ups, three target groups, three culinary concepts. The Klassik Garage team showed the charm of this location every day. Appropriately, on the first day of the event, the creative catering team served small delicacies at the outdoor reception on large fire baskets, in order to then pick up the guests at the live cooking buffet with wintry accents. On the following day, creative chef Vincenzo Neri and his kitchen brigade served a top-class Euro-Asian menu. The individual courses were advertised by the Hochheim winemaker Simon Schreiber from the winery of the same name, who chose the right wine for each course. And last but not least, on the last day of the event, the Klassik Garage was transformed into a large party location for the motorist’s annual accounts. At the buffet stations of the creative caterers, there was something traditional at Christmas time and something experimental – staged live.

Information on the Classic Garage/Vintage Loft location

Information on the Simon Schreiber winery


This is the third time that KREATIV Catering has looked after HÄCKER Küchen at the living kitchen in Cologne. From 16. to 22.  January 2017, the Cologne trade fair will feature all the well-known kitchen and kitchen appliance manufacturers in addition to the IMM furniture fair. HÄCKER Küchen welcomes more than 2,500 guests to its stand every day and presents its show kitchens. This year everything is under the motto ELEMENTS. In the kitchen, all the basic building blocks of life come together in the form of the elements: the stove symbolises fire, water is used for cooking, for example vegetables. This again grows in the earth. Just like the elements, the kitchen stands for life. It is the centre of life, a meeting place, a place for communication, enjoyment and of course cooking. HÄCKER Kitchens brings these aspects together at its stand.

ELEMENTS was then also the motto of the catering, which was to be creatively implemented for more than 1,000 guests daily in the spacious bistro area of the stand with almost 150 seats. In addition to the food concept, great importance was also attached to the presentation of the food, so that this year KREATIV Catering is using only Steelite tableware. Kreativ Catering looks after HÄCKER Küchen in full service.

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