Daniela Delic


In cooperation with the company KREATIV Catering & Events, the kitchen manufacturer Häcker Küchen from East Westphalia presented itself in January 2015 at the “living kitchen” under the trade fair motto “Hot Spot”. Because not only the versatile kitchen planning became a hot spot, but also the special catering concept, which was considered together with the team of KREATIV Catering. Here it was all about the sausage, or more precisely the popular Westphalian curry sausage, which appeared daily on the menu as one of the most varied dishes. The special feature of this were three spices of different degrees of pungency, which were served to the guests when they ordered them. From sweet, to hearty to very spicy, you could create and enjoy the curry sausage to your own taste at the Häcker stand. For those who could not get it hot enough, the service team of KREATIV Catering offered an extremely hot spice, which with 200,000 Scoville probably convinced every fan of hot dishes!

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