Kitchen Trends 2020

Every year begins with new intentions: For 2020, I think we can make “green” our motto. The theme is currently running through all branches of industry and does not stop at culinary delights. Our customers also want to eat healthy, want to know what we cook and, above all, how we cook. Eating is not just eating, we at KREATIV Catering have understood this for a long time. And so healthy and green topics have long since found their way into our food concepts. In 2020 the topic will become more and more popular and so we can proudly present proven concepts from our kitchen that not only give meetings and company events the healthy touch but also make them healthy events. Our chef Christian Hergeth has created numerous low carb and slow food dishes, which are catering-proven and work well even at large events. Please ask for our ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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