KREATIV Catering now also certified „Bio“

The range of services is being expanded further

We always want to know where our food comes from. Quality, origin and processing are top priorities at KREATIV Catering right from the start. But now also with a seal! Kreativ Catering has used the last few months to further digitize the processes in the company and apply for various certifications and have them carried out. In addition to the DGE certification (German Nutrition Society), we can now also produce under the „Bio“ seal. In the future, our menu plans will therefore be drawn up in accordance with DGE specifications and, if requested, will also be offered certified organic for our customers. This is a logical further development for Kreativ Catering, as the expansion of the areas of communal catering, canteen, kindergarten and school catering, as well as senior catering is continuing. Feel free to ask about our portfolio of offers. Our catering office is happy to be there for you


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