First event with 100 guests since the lock down

Smiling now with the eyes

For the KREATIV Catering & Events GmbH, since the 20th June 2020, something like the new normality began again: The Kelkeim-based catering company held the first event with 100 guests this Saturday since the Corona-Lock Down. This first KREATIV premium event in the Main Taunus district took place in the Klassik Garage in Kronberg, a high-quality event location with which KREATIV GmbH has a cooperation agreement.

“The event had already been planned last year and due to the lockdown it was in abeyance for a long time whether it could take place or not”, explains Christina Herold, managing director of KREATIV Catering & Events GmbH, but together with the organizer and the location they decided to hold the event after the official loosening of the regulations.

The focus was on the hygiene concept: “It was important to us to create an event where guests can feel very comfortable and above all safe, while at the same time having to accept as few restrictions as possible”, explains Christina Herold. All specifications of the Kelkheim regulatory authorities, the DEHOGA industry association and the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standards of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affaires were taken into account. In addition to distance control and hand disinfection, topics such as the officially prescribed address registration were also integrated into the evening’s proceedings in a pleasant manner. Nothing was left to chance: In addition to wrapped small starters, creations covered with cloches, buffet stations with Plexiglas devices were built especially for the day, behind which the KREATIV team prepared its meals for the guests. The guests could pick up their personally prepared plates form the KREATIV cooks at the stations. Tensors, so called barrier tapes and pathways on the floor provided the necessary distance.

“We even practised smiling – with the eyes, of course”, says Christina Herold with a wink. After all, the most important thing on such an evening is the friendly service, which has taken care of the guests’ wellbeing with mouth-and-nose-protection.

“We are fortunate that our daily business has been in demand again since the first loosening up”, says Christina Herold. This means supplying company canteens, hotels and conference areas. “We have therefore been working for weeks with hygiene concepts for our employees, which also have an effect on production. Likewise, all documentation obligations are already part of our daily routine, so that we could concentrate on our creativity and good service on the day of the event – the rest is quickly becoming second nature to us – this is our new catering world.”

The first event was also something special for Christina Herold, who has been organizing events up to 1,000 guests nationwide for almost 20 years. “Our industry thrives on communication & sociability, we know that we are currently under special observation in everything we do, that doesn’t leave you cold – there was also a certain nervousness in my team. All the greater is the joy that the event in the Klassik Garage was such a great success. “We hope that his reference event will convince even more companies that even under the current conditions events are possible and can become a great experience for the guests.”

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