KITA and school catering continues to grow

With new customers in the area of ​​daycare and school catering, things will continue to improve for KREATIV Catering & Events in this area in 2024. This meant that additional facilities could be gained around the production facility in Kelkheim am Taunus. Two menu lines are cooked every day by the Creative Kitchen Brigade: Our “Children’s Wish Line” with dishes that are cooked according to the specifications of the DGE e.V. and our DGE e.V. line according to the current specifications of the German Nutrition Society. Both lines have a high organic content. Since 2020, Kreativ Catering BIO has been certified according to the EC Organic Regulation and implements this in communal catering. Certification by DGE e.V. is also currently being sought.

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Start into 2024 with the eismann Gala

At the start of the New Year, the creative crew had to show what they could do: In Wartenberg near Fulda, the team around chef Vincenzo Neri cooked for more than 350 guests at the eismann annual gala. Neri also showed how the company’s products can be integrated into his upscale cuisine: In addition to fish, side dishes and of course components for the dessert from the eismann range were also used. The company from Mettmann has been relying on creative cuisine since 2013. Kreativ Catering was not only responsible for the culinary touch of the evening, but also provided the furniture and organized the entertainment program for the event around the 50th anniversary of eismann. The event year 2024 is off to a good start.

Successful Klassik Tour in Kronberg

The Classic Tour took place in Kronberg from September 7th to 9th, 2023. Over three days, more than 150 car enthusiasts drove their classic cars in a rally through the Rhine Main area. The tour was accompanied by culinary delights from, among others, Kreativ Catering, premium partner of the Klassik Garage and the event location “Vintage Loft” located there. The rally was a complete success for the team led by Klaus Flettner, owner of the Klassik Garage and organizer of the event. The next date has already been set: August 29th to 31st, 2024 again in the Klassik Garage in Kronberg and of course again with Creative Catering. Impressions

KIA dealer convention in Munich

After a long Corona break, KIA Deutschland GmbH held another major dealer convention in June 2023, to which all KIA partners nationwide were invited. The venue was the Showpalast in Munich, an extraordinary event location with great indoor and outdoor areas. The agency jaeger + haeckerhase gmbh from Düsseldorf was responsible for the creative concept and brought Kreativ Catering on board as a partner for the culinary implementation. The dealer convention lasted from early in the morning until late in the evening, which placed the highest demands on the culinary concept. The kick-off was celebrated outdoors, on the large open space in front of the show palace, the forge: relaxed, light lunch dishes from the pen of creative chef Vincenzo Neri met a contemporary street food ambience with air stream and coffee bikes. After lectures, strategy and a technically complex model presentation, the creative kitchen showed its skills: The focus at the various buffet stations was the topic of live cooking. The dishes were freshly prepared for the guests and of the highest standard. The end was made by moving candy wagons with all sorts of things from the confectionery.

Big anniversary party at the ISH in Frankfurt Kopieren

Villeroy & Boch celebrated its 275th anniversary with a big event at this year’s ISH trade fair (International Trade Fair for Sanitary Equipment) in Frankfurt. An anniversary event was held in the Frankfurt Festhalle with 1,500 guests. In addition to the daily catering at the stand for VIP customers and Villeroy & Boch employees, Kreativ Catering was also responsible for the organization of the anniversary party. In culinary terms, the company relied on an elaborate staging. After the welcome speech by the owner family, a large live cooking buffet was ceremoniously opened behind a curtain. In addition, street food stands do for a successful change. In addition to many artistic activities, a birthday cake and a live gin bar were also offered by the Mettlach company.

Location with changeable charm

The example of a series of events for a large automotive group in the Vintage Loft showed how changeable a location can be: three days, three set-ups, three target groups, three culinary concepts. The Klassik Garage team showed the charm of this location every day. Appropriately, on the first day of the event, the creative catering team served small delicacies at the outdoor reception on large fire baskets, in order to then pick up the guests at the live cooking buffet with wintry accents. On the following day, creative chef Vincenzo Neri and his kitchen brigade served a top-class Euro-Asian menu. The individual courses were advertised by the Hochheim winemaker Simon Schreiber from the winery of the same name, who chose the right wine for each course. And last but not least, on the last day of the event, the Klassik Garage was transformed into a large party location for the motorist’s annual accounts. At the buffet stations of the creative caterers, there was something traditional at Christmas time and something experimental – staged live.

Information on the Classic Garage/Vintage Loft location

Information on the Simon Schreiber winery

Fair again!

Poke salad with vegetables , salmon. avocado in a jar.Healthy food

“Fair again!” is the headline above the first major trade fair assignment by Kreativ Catering after the long break since April 2020. The IAA in Munich in September 2021 was therefore something very special. It has shown that trade fairs can also work wonderfully under Corona conditions. Kreativ Catering looked after the largest suppliers in the automotive industry and set the tone with menus, snacks and crew lunches. The guests did not have to do without anything at the exhibition stands. The people of Kelkheim put their dishes in the limelight, lovingly packaged. The topic of sustainability played a major role for customers this year. Regional suppliers in Munich, close production facilities and short distances were Kreativ Catering’s answer to this task.

Where BIO is in it, if it says on it

The issues of sustainability, healthy nutrition, animal welfare and the ecological footprint have been our concern in food production for a long time. These topics are now in the public eye and are more and more popular with creative catering customers. After the organic certification was carried out in our kitchen in 2020, the cooperation with a regional company that focuses on organic agriculture and animal husbandry is the next logical step in the implementation of our sustainability concept. Last but not least, our new branch of the company, the “Master of Flavors” product line with the target group kindergartens, schools, businesses and retirement homes, places great emphasis on certified organic products. “Schröders Biohof”, which is run by Sandra Keller and Patrick Schröder with a lot of love for nature and animals, is only a few minutes away from the headquarters of Kreativ Catering. In 2017, the couple converted their farm, which had existed since the 1960s, to organic farming. The triggers for the switch to organic were the nature conservation meadows in the farm and, last but not least, the birth of their son, who focused on the topic of healthy eating. The couple’s philosophy includes the manufacture of high-quality products with great attention to animal welfare. The first products of the joint collaboration can already be bought in the Schröder’s farm shop: Creative chef Vincezo Neri has cooked an organic beef goulash, an Italian bolognaise for children from organic beef and a chicken fricassee.

Photo: Vincenzo Neri (l.) with Patrick Schröder from Schröders Biohof at the Kreativ building.

600 guests at the opening concert of the Rheingau Musik Festival

At the start of the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Eberbach Monastery invited around 600 guests to the opening concert. In addition to Federal President Frank-Walther Steinmeier and Hessens Prime Minister Volker Bouffier, numerous politicians and celebrities from the arts and media were represented. KREATIV Catering was allowed to accompany the evening with culinary delights. The event with around 600 guests and around 60 VIP guests in a separate area was the first event of this magnitude for all trades involved after the long lock down in the event industry. The Kreativ kitchen served three things from Hessen to the VIP guests. Kreativ chef Vincenzo Neri had the idea for this. All dishes were served in the safe-food concept by Kreativ Catering. The dishes were prepared in accordance with Corona and decorated with attention to detail.

Kreativ Catering develops new own brand: „Geschmacksmeister“

Founded many years ago as an event caterer, Kreativ Catering & Events GmbH is today a leading company in the fields of event, trade fair and conference catering. The head and heart of our company is in Kelkheim im Taunus. In the meantime, however, more and more arms are reaching out across Germany to be active at trade fairs and events. Our “heard”, the kitchen production became bigger and bigger as a result, which also led to the fact that we bought fewer and fewer food components and meanwhile also produce dishes ourselves that are bought by most of our competitors. An example? The beloved meatballs, patties, balls, whether vegetarian made from chickpeas, beans or lentils, whether made from meat in the oriental, Croatian direction or just plain: we make them all ourselves! And we are rightly proud of that. So proud that we have grouped these products together in our own brand: our „Geschmacksmeister“.

And since the field of daily catering has also grown bigger and bigger with us and great importance is attached to the composition of the dishes and their nutritional values, we have made „Geschmacksmeister“ a separate daughter.

By the term daily catering, we mean the regular catering of kindergartens, schools, rest homes and canteens. As different as the concepts in these areas have to be, they have one thing in common: It should taste good!

Our concern as Kreativ Catering is to bring the economic with the taste – head and heart, so to speak – back into harmony.

Lunch in kindergarten or at school is increasingly the most important meal for children and young people. This must also be reflected in the food. Taste and ingredients are becoming more and more important.

Seniors who only eat from a communal kitchen not only need to look at the nutritional values – they need, they also know that eating can make you happy.

And it is not just because of Corona that new and innovative concepts are needed in communal catering in companies. Here, too, creative solutions can bring costs and satisfaction back into balance, and with our Smart Kitchens we have modern solutions for areas that are too small for a classic canteen.


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Here you can find the „Geschmacksmeister“:

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